While you want to improve your odds of winning the casino feels differently.

Of course they want you to be entertained but their goal is to part with as little money as possible. They go about this in many ways.

The most noticeable is the physical layout of the playing floor.

When visiting a land-based casino the layout itself is designed to pull you closer to the games with the less-than-favourable odds. To do this successfully the casino makes full use of the bells and lights on the various machines. Such as the slots and video poker games. This is an effective distraction tactic designed partly to keep you moving once inside. Remember the idea is to keep you close to the games with the with the weakest odds of winning as well as the best.

The casinos will often place persuasive machines in open areas leading to these games.

So that you can easily hear the bells and see the flashing lights from any winning payouts. You may move to investigate or even just glance over but the casino has probably designed the layout so you have now also noticed the blackjack, poker, roulette and craps tables.

“All this winning going on and the tables are now square in your sights.”

This method of associating the winning bells of the slots and the visual impact of the gaming tables can convince you that your odds of winning are in your favour. Or at least lessen any logical resistance you may be harbouring.

While you’re experiencing success at your chosen game you may not notice as much going on, but the moment you begin to lose your attention wanders. And the casino has enough noise and energy all around you to keep you moving to the next game.

This doesn’t mean you can’t go home with more money than what you arrived with.

It just means you need to be aware that while you are visiting the environment there are methods of sales manipulation at play. While you’re at the casino to enjoy yourself you also need to be realistic.

It’s probably fair to say that most people arrive at a casino knowing only very little of playing strategies for the most popular games. For example, most casino visitors may understand only the very basics when it comes to playing something like Blackjack.

“Your discipline and playing habits will ultimately decide any odds of winning.”

But like all games of strategy and chance there is much more to it beneath the surface.

It should be obvious that the basics are not enough when you’re playing for serious money. That’s especially true if your goal is to improve your odds of winning and not just be entertained. Spending time studying one particular casino game will develop your skills over time.

Pick a game that you enjoy because this is going to become your game.

Make the decision that you’re going to spend a lot of time learning about this game. Then spend as much of your free time playing and practicing as you can. There are many online casinos and web sites that offer you the option of playing poker or blackjack for free. They also offer different variations of the game. This will allow you to get plenty of exposure practicing against either a software program or other people. This is a great way to learn before risking your money in a land-based casino. And before sitting in on any card game, land-based or online, it’s recommended that you watch a few hands.

This can help you to judge the skills of the other players. Since you don’t have a hand in the game you can focus completely on details.

When you do find yourself at a real table for the first time try to pick one with knowledgeable players. Playing a game like poker or blackjack at a table full of amateurs will not teach you very much. It may even put you at a disadvantage. At the same time you do not want to pick a table where you are the least experienced player.

The truth is that your chances of going home from the casino a millionaire is only likely if you walked into the casino as a millionaire. But the longer you play the more your skill will increase.

And that potentially means less money that you are leaving at the casino.